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Episode Two: The nation of wimps have RISEN!

What a difference a generation makes, right?

Today’s reflection stems from some pretty no cojones-having behavior I’ve seen lately, but in experiences in life and on TV. It’s become painfully clear that this generation of youth have become wimps. BIG wimps. Like the kind of kid that would be always afraid of their own shadow if mommy wasn’t there to tell them that it wouldn’t hurt them.

Can you picture an entire LEGION of kids, aged 15-23, acting like this? Spookiest shit you’ve ever seen.

I mean, kids graduating with no people skills because they’ve never been outside due to being in the house, watching 106 & Park or TRL all day, while on the phone or the Playstation. Youth in college crying to their parents the first time someone assigned them a paper longer than five pages due in two days, and on a more personal note, kids telling mom and dad that the band they joined is too hard because the band director made them do push-ups for not learning their assigned music.

I would ask how this started, but something tells me it’s a no brainer: the parents. I mean, where else is a child going to develop mental toughness and independence. It has be taught, which unfortunately many parents are lacking in the first place. You know; the type of “helicopter parent” who simply has to hover around their child ALL day, and regulate their child’s entire life, from what they’d study in school, to whom they would marry, to WHEN they would have children? THAT kind.

And I know what you’re saying: “Well, a parent has to be responsible for their kid, right?” While I don’t dispute that at all, let’s think on that a bit. That’s actually cool for a child prepubescent years, when they are still growing and learning the basics…of course mommy and daddy need to be there – kids are at their most fragile at this point. What I’m alluding to it once they hit the deep part of puberty….16-18. Parents need to know that at this age, they stop being kids and start to enter their beginning steps of adulthood. Now, that’s not to say let them run wild and never check on them, but I’m sure you’re all aware that over-protective parents do just as much harm as neglectful parents.

You see it all the time, especially in young ladies. They get to their first week of college, having been sheltered by mom and dad all their life, and finally are cut loose to venture out into a world they’re not prepared for. By the end of freshmen orientation, she been drunk three nights straight and probably slept with two upperclassmen, labeling her as one of the campus whores. By the end of her first semester…..well, you get the idea.

Although most of the episode targets the young adult crowd, the Wimp Nation has been getting a boost in early stages in life, too. Most of this can be thanks though the efforts of Congress and people who simply believe that they have to parent everyone’s kids, not just their own. One thing I’ve never been able to understand is how people can get into other people’s parenting efforts. Look, unless I see a grown man punch a kid in the eye, I’m backing up when a parent pulls out the belt and gets busy in Shop-Rite.

I saw a special on 20/20 once that almost made me hurl. There are even “No Touch” schools, where kids of the school aren’t allowed to have physical contact in any way with their counterparts….and I mean ZERO. No freeze tag, no handshakes, they can’t even hug each other?

(Check here for one article: http://wcbstv.com/watercooler/school.bans.hugs.2.969949.html )

You gotta be kidding me with this. Kids are getting brainwashed everywhere because the soccer moms, seemingly have had it placing band-aids on their precious ones, and decided to stop it before it before it starts.

Of course, that’s not the real danger, here. What this does do is trickle down into these young peoples lives. Going back to my analogy on the poor freshmen girl who got blindsided in her newfound college independences, what do you think that spawns when trend like this go unchecked, even before they finish: That’s right, a generation of 16 to 19-year-old moms that think it’s OK to be pregnant before getting a diploma. Young men who haven’t been taught how to be men, therefore have no professional skills are left to the mercy of the streets, which normally results in jails overpopulating or worse. And let’s not get into “No Child Left Behind”….I’ll just say the government screwed up REALLY bad on that one. Does no one ever wonder why these kids working at McDonalds can’t count the change right after I give them a $5 bill for something that cost $3.29?

So, how do we combat this?  I mean, when the president can’t give a simple speech to kids about the importance of toughing it out in school without half the country in an uproar, that pretty much slaps many of us in the face. I do have some suggestions, however:

1) LET KIDS BE KIDS. In a normal childhood, things like scrapes, bruises, and the occasional fight will go down. It happens. Most of it builds character. As long as parents are there to either comfort a child after an accident, or discipline a child when they break the rules, this keeps everything in perspective. Speaking of discipline…

2) Stop sparing the rod. One of the main reasons you see kids rebelling and either can’t function on their own or totally running their parents is that some parents simply didn’t punish them, out of fear or irresponsibility. Do you have to beat your kid EVERY time they screw up? Of course not. Some people I know never got beat once and turned out just fine. The main point is that parents need to put the fear of respecting authority back into their kids. Without that, they won’t respond to anything anyone lets them know is wrong.

3) Get them out the house. Have them join something. Take up karate, baseball, art, dance, boys scouts, ANYTHING. Programs are designed – if nothing else – to give kids confidence in their abilities, self-control, and awareness of the world around them. Parents allowing them to sit around after-school all day need to get their kids involved in something other than the next Jay-Z video if they want their child to see the real world.

4) Gradually release the cords. As time goes on, they will want to venture out. Putting bars on the windows will make them want to sneak out. Of course, never locking the door will make them think they own you, so when they get older, let them have their fun, but regulate the rules and loosen up as they get older. They’ll thank you for it. I thanked my moms and pops.

I mean, this has to be curtailed somehow. I can’t imagine what the future holds if the new leaders of America can’t even handle how to pay their own bills.



One Response to “Episode Two: The nation of wimps have RISEN!”

  1. true. you ain’t even mention how they are quick to grab guns before duking it out. cuz you’re definitely an advocate of grabbing the gloves.

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