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Episode Six: Jesus, Allah, Buddah, Confucius, Yoda….I love you ALL!

“So, what do you believe in?”

Seems to be the 3rd most important question the world always wants to know from a person, next to “How much are you worth?” and “Who have you been banging lately, if ever?”

Well, I agree, it’s a pretty important one. We love to see if our peers share the same moral values, religious principles, and overall outlook on life and ultimately, what happens afterwards.

In life however, just as everything else, religious beliefs to differ and for one reason or another, the belief that one way of enlightenment is “superior” to another cause conflicts, and in many cases, deaths.

But this isn’t new news. Truth be told, people have been “holy” warring for thousands of years. From the days of old in the Bible with Jews and Gentles, to the Crusades in England, today’s wars in the Middle East, it seems like “My god (or gods) is better than your god (or gods)” is the ultimate competition. I guess my concern is with the basic principle of people choosing their own brand of divine knowledge.

Well, all my life I was raised to believe in the ways of Christianity. While I never really disputed whether this was considered the ultimate truth of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, growing up, I have had my curiosity piqued at what else existed out there. Not saying I wanted to convert, but I think that there’s a lot in this world that makes too much sense to confine my view to only what’s in the Bible.

I guess this is when I stumbled on upon other religions. The Islamic faith preaches about love and people under one God, namely Allah. Buddhism teaches tranquility. Confucianism focuses on self-knowledge and discipline. Hell, even people started embracing the ways of the “Jedi”. Seriously, look this up. It’s considered a religion in several countries and Australia. Is their way wrong? Is my way wrong? Or will it be proven that Atheists everywhere were on to something?

The huge question is: why should it matter to YOU what I believe? If whatever system the person down the block adheres to, why should that be considered apart of their character? If it makes that person happy and gives them a reason to go on, then why are people so “hell bent” to save their soul if their soul isn’t aligned with other’s hymnals? I mean, even in Christianity, there are different denominations. Catholics think Pentecostals are too liberal in their views, Protestants don’t like the ways of Baptists, etc.

If I were to categorize myself in a religion, I’d probably be leaning more towards agnosticism if anything else. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have always believed there’s a higher power overseeing us all, but the particulars just don’t seem to be that clear anymore. Being pro-life won’t save you from heaven anymore than being pro-choice will if you snort more coke than Tony Montana did. Singing in the church choir doesn’t put you in God’s good graces if you’re banging the deacon on Sunday night.  

In the end, what I don’t doubt is we’re all human. No one’s perfect, yet people throw religion in our faces everyday and expect us to be. I guess this is why people claim to be “spiritual” more than “religious”…people are tired of being held up to the standards of everyone else. People don’t want to live life not so much trying to get to Heaven, but more afraid to be sent to Hell. I mean, if you’re doing what you can to make this world a better place, should who you serve spiritually be that important to the general public, and why should someone’s moral beliefs of a divine power be interpreted by man anyway?

Consider that the next time you hear someone criticize someone else for actually thinking Joseph Smith, Jr. was crazy for starting his own religion, or that Scientology is considered the “official freak show” following.



One Response to “Episode Six: Jesus, Allah, Buddah, Confucius, Yoda….I love you ALL!”

  1. insightful…but what about the commonalities of all religions. Do you think that there may be a common source from which all religions and denominations of religion may have sprouted from? call it a conspiracy theory but i believe that everything started from somewhere.

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