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Episode Ten: When men were men….just not today.

This will be a very tough episode to put down.

I say that because I’m actually disenchanted with the state of the XY chromosomal order in the country these days. I don’t know what’s gotten into us men over the last 10-15 years, but I shudder to think what my grandfather would say about us all. I want to say that he’d tell me something along the lines of “you guys need balls again”, but something tells me that is a gross understatement.

Our situation has become very critical these days. More now then ever before, we men (as a whole….I’m not singling out anyone) are constantly expected to be the protectors, the providers, the initiators. However, it seems as though many men has failed to step up to these responsibilities. We heard about it every day on the news. Children are being neglected by fathers walking out, women has to assume two-parent roles on their own, etc…

I’m just not sure where this turn came from. I may be younger in number, but I’m old enough to have a sense of duty to not only my family, but to my society around me and to be the best role model I can for this new generation, who has unfortunately has bared the excesses of decades of negligence.

The current state of young men trickles down from of the episode back about the uprising of the nation of wimps. It seems that because we have a generation of young men who were never raised how to be men, they are going into the world unprepared to fulfill their duties to their homes and communities. That’s why we have more men in prisons than in college. This is why we have young men lost to the streets of their respective cities, and ultimately ending up in the newspapers as either murder victims or suspects. This is also why we have pregnancy rates spiraling out of control, and more single-parent homes. I mean, I can say the women have a part in that too, but we as men have the first responsibility of protecting against these types of incidents.

But I’m not writing this just to scold the men. After all, I like to believe that positivity can come from everywhere. It’s just that looking at the future gets very hard to do when the present state of the future leaders of America seem lost ad not willing to find themselves.  So the question becomes: How do we get our men back on to the idea that they can improve their lives to make a difference.

1) Institute more Big Brother programs – I know there is Big Brother/Big Sister mentoring programs out there. The problem is that it’s just not enough mentors to teach the young men. For every one that does have a big brother to help guide them, rest assured there are probably DOZENS of young men without one.

2) Place a bigger emphasis on school – Look, above everything else in society, money dictates all. Since most of the young bucks who go into the streets seemed to believe that there’s more money out on the block and can be earned though a diploma and degree, we have to turn that dispel that myth, and let them see that street life really doesn’t last long, and the results normally end the same. We also have to do a better job of encouraging that school IS they way to be successful in life. And not even college, trade schools will work as well.

3) Teach the responsibility of sex – This is probably the hardest thing to do. Most men feel they aren’t a man unless they sleep with as many women as possible. Now, I’m not naive enough to say have every young man out there try to save themselves till marriage or become totally monogamous (though I’m sure it would be nice), but the idea that screwing anything in a skirt with a “B” size bra or above has been to taught that above anything else, is very dangerous, with all the diseases spreading.

4) Start EARLY – I believe that a child is the most impressionable when there are between the ages of 5-10. So, if though those years, all they’ve seen in gang life, music videos, and nothing to encourage them, then they are already headed for disaster. That’s not to say that kids 11 and above should be omitted, that’s just stating that it’s a lot easier to teach a 7-year-old to say no to drugs than it is a 15-year-old.

It’s up to us. People complain all the time about the state of our youth, but little ever seems to be done. No more complaining needs to be said. We just need to act. And now.



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