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Episode Thirteen: The sniffles and red-eyes strike back!

 As much as I love winter, I hate it as well.

Well, once again, around this time most of us are feeling the not-so-fun effects of climate changes from slightly breezy to blistering cold. Meaning, there are a lot of Americans sick as dogs right now. Unfortunately, this year, I feel I haven’t been able to dodge that peril as I have in years past. So, as we break out the Robitussin and Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, it just makes you wonder about some things?

Now, you don’t need me to tell you that the overall status of health care in this country has been under a NASA-caliber microscope for the past year or two. It was one of the main issues in the 2008 election, and continues to be a major part of President Obama’s term of how we rate him as a leader. But this episode isn’t to add to that quandary.

I’m just wondering about some things. With so much talk about how “advanced” how have gotten as a species over decades and centuries, how we have risen up the evolutionary latter and proven ourselves to be the dominant beings on the planet, how is that – through all medical breakthroughs we’ve made – that a cure for the common still has yet to be found? No, I’m not saying this cause I want my developing cold to vanish (though that would be nice), but seriously? I’m sure millions of people around the world, especially in America, would like to know what strides we have taken to not only suppress basic colds and viruses, but to permanently neutralize them. I mean, we should get an update on things like this for all that government funding the American taxpayer has put up, right?

Personally, I believe that we have found some of these cures. Maybe I’m that contingent to believe that we certainly can overcome even biology when we have to. However, if that’s true, where are the cures? Simple. They’re being withheld. Now why would our government do this, you’re asking? The answer to that is very shallow, but simple to understand. Economics.

Think on it, if you will. Let’s say in a perfect world, the government releases this cure to the public. Everyone takes it, becomes immune to any colds for the rest of their lives, albeit a few mishaps here and there. Then, what to you think would happen to the medicine industry? To all those wonderful companies that makes these cough syrups, the aspirin tablets, the flu tabs. As demand for the product dwindle and flatlines, they’ll tank and most likely go bankrupt with it, leaving more people unemployed, and doctor’s, researchers, scientists having no option to pay back those $250K+ in student loans they had to borrow to get them through medicinal schools over the country, which could in turn, lower enrollment medicinal colleges worldwide as well…you get the idea. By saving us from the flu bug, the economy would pretty much ripple down even further.

I guess that may be a little far-fetched to believe fully, however conspiracy theories have gathered on these sorts of things. I mean, ask yourself: is it a far-cry to believe in a society that has seen countless of deadly diseases over time like the Black Plague or the now called “H1N1” virus (formerly – and foolishly – once known as “Swine Flu”), that one of the biggest virus to even hit our world – the HIV/AIDS virus – was man-made somehow?  No one knows where it came from, it’s only been around for about 40-50 years, and a disease that was once thought to be incurable by our standards, has been seen as actually having antibodies to it, but to people that can actually afford the medicines.

Maybe all of this does seem to be a little on the “X-File” side to believe. Maybe I just want my cold to be gone. It just seems very odd, that health and economics and health seem to always end up interlocked with each other at times of crisis.



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