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Episode Twenty: One Foot Off the Midnight Green Bandwagon


Honestly, that all I can do right now after what my favorite team has done. Not that this was a ‘rip-my-heart-out’ moment, but this HURTS, even now.

For those of you out there who have been a million miles away from ESPN over that last 48 hours, let me fill you in: after 11 seasons of heart & soul, my beloved Philadelphia Eagles have traded away their franchise quarterback, Donovan McNabb. As if this wasn’t bad enough, they traded him to their NFC Divisional rivals, the Washington Redskins. Yes, you read that correct: The Skins have #5.

Alot of aspects in sports are immune to me these days, for I have understood that sports these days is a business first, and no one is immune to be dealt to another team (except maybe Peyton Manning. If he EVER leaves Indy, half the city might off themselves), but never in my wildest dreams would I have imaged the Eagle organization would’ve made a move like this.

“So, what’s so bad about this?”, you’re asking if you’re not a football fan. Well…
#1 – McNabb still has three to five VERY good years left in his career, and now that the Eagles finally got a half-decent wide receiver corps, they were poised to put up great numbers and contend for at the bare minium, the NFC East crown.
#2 – You deal him to a team that you will see twice a season, and you just KNOW he’ll be marking those two games – especially Washington @ Philly – on his calendar in the same regard Brett Favre did last season when he quarterbacked the Vikings against the team he played for so long on and won a Super Bowl with, the Green Bay Packers. And he TORCHED them, too. Both games. You think Donovan isn’t looking to do the same thing?

OK, before anyone comes on here and points out the obivious, I’ll state it now: Yes, we are ALL aware he didn’t win a Super Bowl in Philly, which was probably the biggest reason why he got traded in the first place, or why the Philly faithful never embraced him as he rightfully deserved. I don’t buy that excuse for one bit. For those keeping score about the Eagles, NO ONE has won a Super Bowl there, and I never saw one player take so much scrutiny from what seemed like the entire world as times (for God sakes, the guy had to deal with Rush Limbaugh calling him an “Uncle Tom” for awhile. Really, though??)  and still smile through it all and be as professional as he was about it.

No, I’m not about to call him a hero or some sentimental mess like that, because he’s certainly not above blame for big game moments in which the Eagles came up short.  But, for football to be the ultimate team sport, no ONE person should bear ALL the blame on every loss. Quarterback or not, McNabb definately got dealt a very raw deal by the majority of the Eagle Nation. Honestly, I thought he should be traded last season… to his hometown Chicago Bears. At least there, he would’ve gotten the love he earned in Philly but never got.

The main issue with being an Eagle a fan is that the more intelligent ones that know and understand football can’t be won by one or two people get overshadowed by idiots who can only understand one win: we want a title NOW. I just hope this idiot parade doesn’t come back to bite us all in the green-and-white ass.

Then again, I’m about 5 seconds away from getting a Phillip Rivers jersey and riding it out with the San Diego Chargers for this year.



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