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Episode Thirty: The Third-Dimensional Rescue

Make way for a new set of glasses. 3-D is back…with a vengeance!

Well, this idea has pretty much boomed over the last ten years. As big as moviegoers are in most of the country has been, the added element of 3-D has put new excitement back into American film, which is translation to very big thing$ for the studios and good outings for families again.

The idea of adding the third-dimension to cinema is definitely not a new one. 3-D in movies go all the way back to the 50s, when upon it’s arrival, it was projected to have objects on the screen going towards to camera to make it look like things were coming right at the viewer, giving the movie more a more realistic feel and more fun experience to it. To do this, each moviegoer would have to wear those famous paper 3-D glasses with the red & blue lenses in them. They looked geeky, but 3-D caught on up until the late 80s. Then it was relegated to side shows, TV events, and iMax theaters.

Something happened in the Double-Aught decade, though. Around the year 2003, 3-D movies started to being filming again, mostly kids films, and Disney capitalized on the fame of capturing a new, fresh audience as well as re-kindling ties to an older one. By 2006, the 3-D 2nd revolution had been in full swing, with movies popping up everywhere offering the experience to motion pictures, culminating with the world’s most financially grossing movie, Avatar smashing records last year.

So, what’s the issue with this? One, this is helping obviously generate new revenue for movies, of course. However, with prices already skyrocketing to see regular films, now having to pay $3.50-5 extra for the new 3-D glasses can push a single adult movie ticket for a 3-D film to $20 in some places. Now, come on. In a obvious recession, that doesn’t help anyone’s wallet to have a good time back in the movies for an artform that really isn’t brand new, just really recycled. Secondly, my main issue is that like so many fads before it, we seem to be hitting the peak on 3-D movies. What will happen once the public once again gets desensitized to it by essentially making every movie 3-D, even the ones that by all rights, shouldn’t be? (Honestly, did the 3rd Step Up movie – a street dancing film – REALLY need to be in 3-D?) Will it go back underground again, cause that would be a shame to watch it dissepate just cause it isn’t the “flavor of the month” anymore.

I don’t know about many of you, but I like the 3-D thing when it was saved for movies that truly encapitivated it: mostly action films with plenty of objects flying right you or explosions to trick your mind into believing you 10 feet from the blast radius. Now, I just worry that someone will make drama films now advertise this feature, despite the movie using no parts of the actual enhancement whatsoever, profiting on it just off the “in 3-D” subtitle alone.

I’ve also heard a funny little rumor that porn was thinking about transitioning to 3-D scenes. HD-porn is bad enough, visually. Let’s just hope this stays an idea. Certain things in life weren’t meant to be enhanced THAT badly.



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