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Episode Thirty-Two – Flip some coins, America…

“What should I do? Should I bang with the red, or truce with the blue?” – Mack 10, Westside Slaughterhouse.

Yes, I know. That was something totally different to this topic, but it fits. And why not? Today’s parties today are running around in gang-like statuses these days, seemingly trying to scare the life out of would-be voters for today’s upcoming elections. I guess this is all a part of politics; when your platform won’t work, just discredit the other candidate. 

Anywho, for this to be only a midterm election day (meaning not the presidential election), there sure has been serious build-up. This has already been called the “most expensive” midterm elections in U.S. history. So, what’s at stake here? Control of Congress, for the most part. With so many Senate seats up for grabs, this could be change the majority party seats in the Senate to the Republicans – which is actually expected to happen – and loosen the power grip Democrats have had on the White House since the 2008 elections and the arrival of President Obama.

Well, while his seat is not up for election, his administration could see a serious shift in the backing or even approval of his policies.  As the majority, the Democrats didn’t need much help from any Republican members of Congress to pass new policies, even when nearly all of them would vote against major policy changes or new laws (such as “Cash for Clunkers”, the Stimulus Bill, bailouts). All of that certainly could change and make law-making in America for the next two years a lot more interesting if the GOP wins the majority in Congress and the Senate. The president would then have to rely a lot more on bi-partisanship to get his policies ratified by Congress and ultimately voted on to become law.

However, this is only part of the story. The real issue here is how civic duty by the basic American people around this time of year seems to be fleeting. For some reason or another, Americans don’t exercise their right to vote. Maybe they feel as though their vote doesn’t matter, maybe they just don’t want to. I think whatever the reason is, seems extremely lame, if nothing else. Voting is what gives the people a voice, the freedom to decide to lead us for the next few years. It gives us the right to shape our government to how we see fit and to exile those who we coin not fit enough to lead this country.

This episode will be short, but there’s a reason for that. GO OUT AND VOTE! I honestly don’t care for who (Independents are like that), but go make your voice be heard. Go speak out against politicians you feel don’t service the district/town/city/state that elects them. Go do what you have the right to do, which you wouldn’t in several other countries on the planet. Which is why I did.

Just DO NOT complain when the actions of a few people determine the lives of all, especially when you weren’t in the few.



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