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Episode Thirty-Nine: Boooooorn in the U.S.A.! (Now with proof!)


So finally, the mystery is revealed. I can finally say my president’s a natural-born citizen of the United States.

Dear God, how did we as a country honestly get to this point? Two years ago, when President Obama first ran for the office, amongst other things his detractors wondered about him, the most significant detail about him was whether or not he was an actual American citizen from birth. Well today, they and the rest of the country finally got their answer. The documentation of the president’s birth was finally published for all to see and some to shut up about.

My whole thing with this is: how did people really get THAT petty to demand this from the leader of the free world?

Look, I understand that when someone runs for public office, the people have a right to know about that person’s basic background: birthdate, birthplace, family, etc. It’s no different than any other job’s requirements. Actually, it should be lots more, considering their going for the most powerful position this country has to offer and the most influential title (so far) on Earth. So, with all of modern media’s techniques is digging up info on pretty much anyone, you mean to tell me that NO ONE could get a copy of this before now? I’m pretty sure Mr. President didn’t have his birth certificate locked in a laser-netted vault inside of Fort Knox, and that he was required to provide proof of his citizenship before his announced his candidacy. I find it near impossible to believe that if there wasn’t a sound document the media couldn’t have obtained back then, they wouldn’t have already gotten. This just sounded like one more complaint in the long lines of which done by folks who never wanted the man to win the office in the first place.

What’s really irking me over this whole episode is more so who’s behind this latest round of going after President Obama on the trivial stuff. Billionaire tycoon and mogul, reality game show star, and now presidential candidate hopeful Donald Trump has been for the last few weeks the driving force behind President Obama making sure he can be viewed as a legitimate American citizen. At first, I wanted to just chalk this up as Trump being a media junkie starving for free press. Something tells me this is only the beginning, however. My thing is; does Trump truly believe that getting the president’s birth certificate will help him in the long climb to what he thinks is the next President of America, even after most of his own political party (let alone 98% the American public) wants nothing to do with him leading this country due to his very sordid history as a businessman?

There is one final thing I wonder about with President Obama. Now that he’s produced this record (or re-produced it, since it was first put out in 2008), I’m sure that this won’t be the only thing people who be satisfied with him about, outside of normal politics and how he’s done running this country over the last two plus years. This all being said, it is really worth running for four more years of this? Counting the mega-heightened scrutiny of people salivating at the mouth for the tiniest blemish on this guy to lead an impeachment campaign, going to the way-too-personal attacks of his whole family’s history, from his father to his wife. This aslo doesn’t count the record amount of death threats a president has gotten in their term in office, or the fact that his Republican counterparts that have been elected to serve in Washington have mostly tried to either block or simply undo every policy he’s put forth to the country since taking the Oath of Office.  None of this seems really worth it to endure until 2016.

You’d think in a time where unemployment is still on skyrocket status, right up there with gas prices, in a society where moral outrage is at dangerously high status, while the country is still in numberous wars, that politicans – even ones running for office next year – would have something, anything more important to worry about. You’d think that people would’ve created whole  movements for this “birther” law the Repbulican party has conjured up, who’s sole main objective was to prove that Obama wasn’t a natural-born citizen, to which this document all but crushed that. You’d think so, anyway….

One thing’s for sure. At least my president’s made in the U.S. of A….for whatever that’s worth these days.



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