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Episode Forty-Five: Escaping the Box YOU Live In

You know, for all its ups, downs, and creamy middles, life can be a pretty cool thing. Mostly because if for no other reason, that (barring some sort of mental deficiency) we were all born with the ability to think independently. Now, what happens between birth and the time that we become old enough to think for ourselves is a totally different story.

From the time we are born, we are constantly learning; learning the basic functions as human beings (using the bathroom, tying our shoe, how to eat and drink), learning the basic building blocks of society (schooling), and learning about the world we live in. In doing so, we start to take favoritism with certain things like favorite foods, clothes, places, music, etc. This helps shape who we are, who we’ll be, and sometimes, who our kids will also become and so forth.

I guess that’s my motivation for today’s episode. As the main idea of the blog suggested, my way of thinking isn’t intentionally meant to be different, it IS meant to be displayed on my own terms. I like to challenge the “boxed in” way of thinking on life; from the generalization of society’s views on family and marriage, to religion, to how we feel about sports and the athletes that play them.  Not that my way of thinking is right, or that I even think it’s the correct conclusion to the issues I’ve talked about, but I like to present a way of thinking that expands or totally challenges the views most people are subjected to have.

In going deeper on this subject, it made me wonder, “Why DO people think certain ways about stuff? Was it ingrained into their minds from birth? Did they have experiences to shape their decisions? Or did they just wake up one day and thought that this would be their new thought process?” 

I guess the biggest “boxed in” thought can stems from the world’s oldest and most popular belief: religion. If you ask most people how they came to the current religion that they practice, most answers will stem from a tradition that was instilled to them from birth. In other words, their family raised them on it. While this is the norm, it’s not the ideal way people find their way. Some people go through personal anguish to get to their beliefs, and some people experience disappointed with their former religion and decided to find solace in a new one. While I have no qualms with anyone and the beliefs they adhere to, I DO take issue with people trying to force their way of thinking onto the population. From who (or what) to worship, to how their religion supposedly effects the rest of their lives regarding love, sex, work, and everything else, some people are born into their situation and grow with it, almost to the point where they cannot – or WILL not – accept anyone else’s point-of-view on issues. This is why we as a society have issues. Not because that people have different views on life, but because some people are so “boxed in” to their beliefs or thoughts, that they aren’t able to see another person’s point-of-view to probably understand where their side is coming from.

Of course, that’s just one of the many examples. The real point here is simply this, just because you may think your side is right, doesn’t necessarily mean everyone else’s point is wrong, or right. I guess this really means this: stop trying to trap people in your boxes and let them escape when they want.



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