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Episode Fifty-Six: Winter Is HERE.

After a two-year absence, I decided that this blog needed to be resuscitated. Especially on what probably will be America’s most important (and gloomy) night in recent memory.

As for the show itself, it looks like it doesn’t matter how gross you are, how many women you’ve harassed, how literally inexperienced you are in politics, how many legal cases are pending against you, where your taxes have mysteriously been hiding, or how many fights you can cause; apparently you CAN be the new President of the United States. That’s what is happening right now. One Donald J. Trump, formally known from hotels, casinos, WWE appearances, and “The Apprentice” has now seemingly made his way to the most important chair in the free world.

How did this happen? Seriously, man……HOW?

First off, I think this country forgot what the real demo make-up of it is. The WASP population is still the majority here, and they were ANGRY. Angry at what they believed to be their America being taken away from them by Obama’s America. Angry at lies and quid pro quo in government actions. Angry that the LGBT community got cart blanche to marry and be happy. Angry that athletes could openly protest against police brutality. They spoke.

Meanwhile, what no one counted on, (or at least, not the Democrats) is how angry the black community was, too. Try as she might, Hillary Clinton is not Barack Obama, and she learned that assuming black people were going to follow her like they did him might have proved to be a fatal flaw, especially when even Obama didn’t seem too much interested in listening to black people’s issues for about 75% of his tenure as commander-in-chief. Also, all the Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Bon Jovi concerts weren’t going to undo that fact. Quite the opposite. If anything, it only reminded us black folk of how much  we were being pandered to and not LISTENED to – or taken serious. So, a lot of the much anticipated black vote needed to elevate her didn’t come….most black people either took the third party route, or just “protested” their vote and sat out altogether.

So, now here we stand. America now gets to cry, cheer, riot, whatever as we’re bracing for the next chapter in this country. And, as my blog has been, I’m going to ask a few things:

1) So…what happens now? You know, besides the millions of comedy routines that will see  that surely will shame America for allowing this to happen, and satire after satire of a massive evacuation to Canada. (I hear Montreal is very nice this time of year, and i’ll find out on Thanksgiving firsthand.) So we sulk and moan? Do we hide in fear? Does Black America FINALLY realize that they only way to survive in this America is to work together? Seems to me that if there was EVER a time that Black America needs to Voltron up, it is NOW.

2) What will it take to get you all to finally tool up? And let me explain what I mean by that, because there’s levels to this shit.
– Tool up by arming yourselves with knowledge of this system, in order to counteract it when you are confronted with unfair governmental treatment.
– Tool up by becoming more more empowered with your economic capital, and not just giving money away for Js, BAPE jeans, lean, and new designer clothes.
– Tool up by learning self-defense (and teaching your kids), because I guarantee you, a lot of the racist folk who just voted this man in have already become much more emboldened.
– And yes, tool up FOR REAL, by exercising your 2nd Amendment right to defend yourself by use of weapons if need be.

This election season has brought out the worst in pretty much everyone. Now, it’s time to find out that since the “worst-case scenario” finally showed up on our doorsteps, how are we going to get out of the darkness that it surely upon us? I just hope that Armeggeddon people were predicted should Adolf J. be actually given the White House doesn’t come to fruition. In the meantime, Bushido Blade #2 is on its way. Be safe out there. Winter Is Here. Dress warm. Think and act HOT.



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